About Lipstick Liberal

Nicole_Myrick_0408 brownsmallNicole Myrick is the host, creator and writer for The Lipstick Liberal Show. The six-foot actress grew up in Connecticut, where she was an All-American Basketball player, college athlete and frequently asked “How tall are you?”.  She is a former Special Education teacher,  also earned  a Business Degree along the way.

Nicole Myrick appears in TV and film (IMDB), on NBC”s “Chuck” and in the Boston International Film Festival award-winning film“Applebox” with James Madio (“Band of Brothers”“Basketball Diaries”) and  Ron Livingston, appearing as himself.

The Lipstick Liberal Show is written and produced by Nicole Myrick with her husband, Ben Betts (Chuck, Studio 60, Frost/Nixon) and his company Digital Image. Nicole, Ben, and their son, Frankie and daughter, Jennifer live in the Los Angeles area.