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‘Boehner the Greek’ Gov’t Shutdown

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Republican Summer Rerun, where John "The Greek" Boehner threatens to "shut down the Government" if they don't de-fund Obamacare, cut foodstamps so they can fund tax cuts for the rich. With special guest star Patric...

Krystal Ball’s Tea Party Sequestration

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Tea Party loving Republicans use Krystal Ball to sell cutting Entitlements (Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security) all to fund tax cuts for the rich.  With special guest star Patricia Tallman of Babylon 5.

Housecleaning Republican’s Messy Gun Control Plan

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June Cleaver wants to know why these big messes keep happening?   No one likes 3000 messy children every year!  Let's grab those feather dusters and clean up public parks, throw away expired bans and clean those "stan...

Corporations win Olympic Gold Medals!

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Since, Corporations now OWN the Olympics and its athletes, we have honored their hard work and dedication with the following medals: BRONZE MEDAL for Voter Suppression Lobbying SILVER MEDAL for Tax Cuts Lo...