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Ukraine crisis update! Sarah Palin calls Putin again on “Tonight Show”

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Sarah Palin's REAL phone call to Putin on "Tonight Show". Sarah Palin calls Vladmir Putin again to stop his pro-Russian attack in Ukraine.

Easter TV: Antique Roadshow Fargo “Crucifixion Items”

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Easter TV: Antique Roadshow "Set of Jesus Crucifixion Items" found in Fargo!

Rosetta Stone for Republicans

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Rosetta Stone for Conservatives. With Republican Rosetta Stone, you'll be able to communicate your racist views with coded confidence like Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz!

Preventing College Sexual Assault (Parody)

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How American Universities are telling girls to do everything possible to stop sexual assault. Boys? Not so much.

Kindergarten Violence Supplies

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"The More You Know" brings you information on getting your Kindergartner's ready for the American Public School System! Written by Lavetta Cannon

Trader Joe’s “How’s your day going?”

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More and more grocery stores are requiring cashiers to ruin people's day by CONSTANTLY asking their patrons "How's your day going?.