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Ted “the Dentist” Cruz, causing Americans pain

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What’s worse than the ‘Dentist’ from Little Shop of Horrors, causing people pain? Spending Thanksgiving with Ted “the Dentist” Cruz, a tea-party senator, who LOVES causing Americans pain! “When I was young and j...

Rachel Maddow’s “I’m Just a Bill” song, Tea-Party Version!

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Exclusive Report brought to you by Liberal Bias and Lipstick Liberal Remember that awesome song of your youth that explained the rules of how a Bill becomes a Law? Well, with the current Tea-Party backed Congress, it...

Republican ObamaCare Hypocrisy Alert!

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Shutting down Government to save millions of Americans from Government officials playing Doctor! Hypocrisy Symptom: Ultrasound wands anyone? Hypocrisy Symptom: How about Rick Perry, who never me a regulation of ...

7 Evil GOP Dwarfs Reject Obamacare

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7 Evil Republican Governors Dwarfs Reject Obamacare and give their citizens a punch of poisoned apples. Trust Snow White, she knows about this sort of thing!


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If you recently voted for or are intending to vote for a CONSERVATIVE TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN - you may be suffering from A.L.R.-"A Little Racism". Symptoms may or may not include the following; Watching Fox News, Stoc...

Obamacare Contagion Alert: GOP Hypocrisy

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EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!! The Republican Party of Small Government, Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility is suffering from a TERRIBLE DISEASE called "Hypocrisy" and its spreading fast!