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Krystal Ball’s Tea Party Sequestration

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Tea Party loving Republicans use Krystal Ball to sell cutting Entitlements (Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security) all to fund tax cuts for the rich.  With special guest star Patricia Tallman of Babylon 5.

A Public Service Message “Save the 1%”!

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The Senate and House may have reached a deal to avoid the 2013 Fiscal Cliff, but where does that leave the top 2%? Janine Turner (Northern Exposure) and Victoria Jackson (SNL) of "A Conservative Carol Foundation" are ...

Original Republican Scarface

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Say hello to my little friend! Mafia endorses Republicans, because they are "F***king artist when it comes to their version of Bust Outs" (aka Private Equity).

GOP Union-Busting Russian “KGB” Style

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What's more American than Russian "KGB" Style Union Busting!

Republicans love Putin’s Big Privates!

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Republicans, like Vladamir Putin, love to show off their privatization of all social services and programs. Why educate poor kids for free when you can make a buck off of them, then go buy some Russian Vodka!

ROBIN HOOD the original Tea-Party Conservative!

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Steal from the Rich to give to the poor? Not so much fun if you are living in a tree. Robin Hood and Maid Marion, finally see the "Tea-Party/Conservative Light"! Stealing from the poor to become rich, AKA "Trickle Dow...