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July 4th Tribute – Gov. Scott “Koch” Walker, Hero of Independence!

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Celebrate July 4th honoring Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker! A man who used his "limited resources" (re: Koch Bros. millions) to win HIS victory of Independence from drug-pushing nurses and indoctrinating school tea...

Republican Mob Wives “They’ll Cut a Bitch!”

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VH1 Mob Wife, "These Republicans are like a Mob Wife whose been scorned, they'll cut-a-b*tch!"

GOP Union-Busting Russian “KGB” Style

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What's more American than Russian "KGB" Style Union Busting!

Republicans love Putin’s Big Privates!

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Republicans, like Vladamir Putin, love to show off their privatization of all social services and programs. Why educate poor kids for free when you can make a buck off of them, then go buy some Russian Vodka!

ROBIN HOOD the original Tea-Party Conservative!

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Steal from the Rich to give to the poor? Not so much fun if you are living in a tree. Robin Hood and Maid Marion, finally see the "Tea-Party/Conservative Light"! Stealing from the poor to become rich, AKA "Trickle Dow...

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