The Team

Ben Betts – Executive Producer, AKA ‚”Mr. Lipstick Liberal”, Ben grew up a staunch Republican in the hippie capital of the world, Berkeley, California.  He’s spent the past 20 years working in television and film production as Supervising Video Engineer for productions including Star Trek TV shows & features, Studio 60 and currently NBC’s Chuck, generally putting in over 60 hours a week as a “lazy” (ask Ann Coulter) Union Member.  Along with Lipstick Liberal, he is an Executive Producer for the pilots “The Money Shot”, “Judy for Congress” and the gameshow “Let’s Ask America”  and live web-streaming series “WebCam Riot!” (see Casey Green – Skype-ing without showering or clean underwear)

John “Motorboat” Thies – Director/Consultant, Resident Tea-Party guy and improvisation teacher extraordinaire, John comes to Lipstick Liberal from “Second City” Chicago and “Late Night” with Conan O’Brian

Casey “Red Cam” Green – Director/Camera, A passionate proponent of the RED Digital Cinema Camera, Casey attempted to change his name from ‚”Green” to “Red”, but had to settle with creating the website  Casey is currently a Consulting Producer on the gameshow “Let’s Ask America” and also a co-founder, co-producer, and director of “WebCam Riot!“, a live multi-participant television platform which enables viewers to interact in real-time via webcam in the program.  AKA ‚”a bunch of people on Skype competing for money and prizes without having to shower or change their underwear.”  Casey generally showers and changes his underwear when working on the Lipstick Liberal Show.

Paul Goldhammer – Director of Photography, A man of few words but many talents, Paul is a proud member of two IATSE union locals.  Dually trained in both the Camera and Electric Departments, on-set he is constantly telling himself what to do.  A motorcycle driving, die-hard Liberal, who suggests, “If Taco Bell has to stop calling their Taco filling ‘meat’ because there isn’t enough ACTUAL MEAT in the ‘product’ then FOX News should be forced to stop calling the sh*t they serve ‘News!’”. See, a man of few words!

“Liberal” Larry Markart – Factotum Maximus, Where do we even start with Larry’s qualifications?  Larry has been passionate about politics since his internship at CBS News as a teenager and has had numerous integral roles in feature films and TV, including classics from Roger Corman, Quenten Terantino, Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderberg, Joel Schumacher; just to name a few.  He currently supervises the computer/video playback on “CSI”…

Alan Kobayashi – Graphic Designer, Alan’s career in the entertainment industry started with working on two (out of four) science fiction premiere Starship Fleets.  Since then he has helped the FBI solve their X-Files, Mad Men sell their products, CSI-ers solve their crimes and now helps Lipstick Liberal ruffle the right-wing’s feathers.